• “Pure Life”

    “Pure Life”

    Respected judges, beloved family members, good afternoon everyone! I am Wang Pingshan from Sunshine Ba. Today, my speech topic is 'Pure Life': In our daily lives, whether at work or striving in society, everyone has their goals. However, achieving these goals often encou...
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  • “Pure Heart Sees the Truth”

    “Pure Heart Sees the Truth”

    Respected judges, beloved family members, good afternoon everyone! I am Zhang Xuemeng from Chaoyueba. Today, I am here to present my speech topic - 'Pure Heart Sees the Truth', emphasizing the essence of truthfulness in life. I may not possess exceptional writing skills,...
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  • Pure heart see true

    Pure heart see true

    Dear judges, dear family, good afternoon: My name is Cao Jianguo from Chenzhou, Hunan Province. In my hometown, there are delicious fish meal and Yongxing ice sugar orange, which is sweeter than my first love. There are also many scenic spots of Danxia landform, Yangtian...
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  • Judges and families: Good afternoon!

    Judges and families: Good afternoon!

    I am Cheng Qiguang of Vitality Bar, and the theme I bring to share today is: there is no best age, only the best mentality. Some people may wonder, what is the best age in life? Is a carefree childhood, or spirited youth, or a calm old age. I personally believe that ther...
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  • choice


    Dear judges and teachers, dear family members, hello everyone. I am Yang Wenchen from Qingchunba. The topic of my speech today is - Choice People nowadays lament that happiness is getting less and less, work is difficult, stressful, and income is low. Affected by the epi...
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  • Planning and focus

    Planning and focus

    Dear judges, teachers and Tengte family members: Good afternoon, everyone! I am the brave Chen Xiongwu, The topic I bring today is "Planning and Focus". The future requires planning and work requires focus. After all, a person's energy is limited. If you want to do every...
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  • heart pure see true

    heart pure see true

    Dear judges, Tenter's family: Good afternoon! I am Lin Dengqiu, a member of Happy Bar, today my theme is to share :heart pure see true.heart pure see true self-understanding is to pay attention to everything, intentional attention, exercise mind and judgment, abandon all...
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  • Grateful to meet

    Grateful to meet

    Dear judges and Tenter's family, good afternoon: I am Wu Rongjie from Dream Bar, known as Xiao Wu.  I don't know when the office was changed to "brother" and "sister", and I am also honored to upgrade to "Brother Wu". However, when we Boge in the future, you don't call m...
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  • Factory like Home

    Factory like Home

    Dear judges! The Tenter family! Good afternoon, everyone! I'm Xue Guangyi from Yongganba, and the topic of my speech is Factory like Home. Dente was the second factory I worked at, and guess how long I worked at the first factory? One year, two years, (you guess), The an...
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  • Home in the heart

    Home in the heart

    Dear judges, dear family, good afternoon: My name is Daishali from Sunshine Bar, and the topic of today's speech is: Home in the heart. Time flies, it has been a year since I joined the company, and the scene of joining the big family of Teng Te is still vividly remember...
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  • talk nicely

    talk nicely

    Dear Mr. Qiu and my dear family! Good afternoon, everyone: I am CAI Liyan of Youth Bus, I am CAI Liyan of Youth Bus, CAI Liyan of CAI Liyan, Li is CAI Liyan of CAI Liyan, Yan is CAI Liyan of CAI Liyan, Before we start, I want to ask you a question. Do you know what posit...
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  • Continuous efforts

    Continuous efforts

    Dear judges, dear colleagues, : I am Xu Zhongzhen of Kampf. The theme of the speech I have brought is: Continuous efforts. After embarking on this career path, I was engaged in the position of warehouse manager for 3 years, from the little white who knew nothing to the h...
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